Most of my professional life has been devoted to public safety including fire fighting,
emergency medical services and the American Red Cross in Philadelphia where I held
the position of Supervisor of Instruction.  

I know what it takes to motivate fire fighters, emergency medical personal, first
responders and the general public to do their very best in an emergency and to do it in
a safe and professional manner.

Employees need to be reminded that every working day, they face the possibility that
in a split second they could find themselves having to make a life or death decision in
an emergency medical situation. I can help instill the confidence and professionalism
in their actions and the motivation necessary to practice the skills they will learn or
already know.

In 1996 and again in 2000, I was honored to receive the Pennsylvania Governor's
Award for Safety Training.

I can promise you that I will bring a refreshing, new attitude towards emergency care
training. My agenda is your agenda… to provide your employees with the skills and
motivation necessary to deliver the best possible emergency care to anyone requiring

John Schmidt